General Information

Curious about what you'll discover at Trader Joe's? Wonder why we ring bells in our stores? Click on a question below for some answers!

No. At this time, we don’t sell any products (gift cards included) online, only in our brick-and-mortar stores. We set up our stores with care, finding just the right crew and adding a flavor of paradise. After considering the options, we're still just big ‘ole fans of the neighborhood grocery store where we can say hello when you're looking around wondering - "what's for dinner?"

Trader Joe’s only issues and accepts physical gift cards in our physical stores. We do not issue or accept printable or digital versions of our gift cards. We choose this approach to better protect the original purchaser or recipient of our gift cards.

"Sale" is a four-letter word to us. We have low prices, every day. NO coupons. NO membership cards. NO discounts. NO glitzy promotions or couponing wars at our stores. We offer the best everyday values, every day.

No. We do not offer any special promotions online. No coupons. No discounts. No special gift card offers. We apply the same philosophy in the digital world as we do in the physical world - we stay focused on providing the best everyday values, every day.

It has happened that organizations have appropriated the Trader Joe's name for use in association with special coupon, discount or gift card offerings online, which can cause confusion. It's not us. Trader Joe's has no association with these organizations. When alerted to the existence of misleading promotions of this nature, we actively attempt to get our name removed.

At present, the only means we use to communicate with our customers online are via our website ( and our E-Newsletter, which you will only receive if you have elected to hear from us through our Newsletter Sign-up.

As your neighborhood grocery store, our focus is on providing you – our customers – our products, in our stores, every day. It may sound simple, but it is simply what makes us Trader Joe’s. We are unable to accommodate any requests or purchases that could undermine this vital focus.

If you have a recommendation for an area that you think would be a good fit, please send us an email. There are no guarantees, but being wanted matters to us.

While our store hours are generally 8am to 9pm, every day, there are some exceptions. The quickest way to verify the hours of your Trader Joe’s is to visit our Stores page. If you search for the store you would like to visit, the hours are included in the store listing. You can also find store hours on our printable store list (PDF format).

No. Trader Joe's is a privately held company.

No. Trader Joe's is a privately held company.

Trader Joe's is owned by families that also own part of Aldi Nord. Trader Joe's and Aldi Nord operate independently. Trader Joe's has no business or ownership relationship with Aldi Sud (including Aldi U.S.).

We are committed to being good neighbors, and to us that means taking part in and giving back to our local communities. That's why we handle all requests for donations and involvement in community events in our stores. Whether it's a silent auction to benefit a local elementary school or a health fair sponsored by a community hospital, your Trader Joe's store is the place to go. All donation requests are to be arranged with the Donations Coordinator at your neighborhood Trader Joe’s. Following are our basic Donation Guidelines:

  • Trader Joe’s can only donate to non-profit (501c3) organizations with a valid, current tax ID number.

  • Donations are limited to one per year, per organization from Trader Joe’s Company (not one from every Trader Joe’s store in your area).

  • Requests for donations should be submitted in writing, on the non-profit group’s letterhead, referencing the valid tax ID number.

  • The written request should explain the nature of the organization, why the donation is needed and what kind of donation is being requested.

  • Donation requests should be delivered to the store by your organization’s representative, at least three weeks prior to the date the donation is needed.

Please understand that because we receive so many requests, we are not able to accommodate every organization.

Print a copy of our Donation Guidelines (PDF format).

Trader Joe's has stores in many states and regions. For freshly-prepared items, like deli, bakery, dairy and juice, we try to source goods as close to our stores as we can. As a result, there can be variations in recipes and prices. Then there is the other stuff: state laws, taxes, deposit requirements and our distribution costs can also influence how products get priced, depending on location. No matter what the dollar differences are, we won’t sell an item in any region or state, if it really isn’t a value.

Our mission is to bring you the best quality products at the best prices. To do this, we have to manage our store space (which is not expansive) well. Each of our products must "stand on its own," meaning it must pay its own way. Each product passes certain criteria in order to earn its way onto our shelves – including a rigorous tasting panel.

There may be several factors that determine when/why we discontinue products:

  • It may be a seasonal product – for example, Brussels Sprouts Stalks, which are only available specific times of the year.

  • The cost of producing the item may increase (change in commodity prices, new manufacturing requirements, etc.), and in turn, the price. If it no longer makes sense as a value, then we may choose to discontinue it.

  • The gangway factor – because we introduce new products every week, we have to eliminate items that aren’t selling strongly enough to earn their spot on the shelf. It’s a matter of space. And it keeps things interesting.

Vibrant, bold shirts are the "uniform" worn by our Crew of adventurous traders on the culinary seas. We search the world over for fantastic, interesting items to bring home for our customers to discover.  We think grocery shopping should be fun, not another chore, so we wear ourselves (and our shirts!) lightly.

The Fearless Flyer doesn’t fit neatly into just one category—as with most other good things. Is it a newsletter? A catalog? A comic-book? Yes, yes, and perhaps even yes! The Flyer abounds with product stories that are at times fascinating and amusing. Beyond the intrigue and chuckles, our ultimate goal is to keep you well-informed about our products so that you can easily find what you want next time you stop in to shop. TJ’s Fearless Flyer is available in print (for free) and online (also free) eight times a year. To get it delivered right to your door or inbox, complete our Subscription Form.

To stop receiving the Fearless Flyer in your physical mailbox, simply visit our Subscribe page, click on the “Unsubscribe me from the printed Fearless Flyer” link, and fill out the form.

To stop receiving our Electronic Newsletter in your virtual inbox, simply visit our Subscribe page, click on the “Unsubscribe me from the E-Newsletter email” link, and fill out the form.

At Trader Joe's, you won't find a lot of branded items. Instead, you'll find unconventional and interesting products in the Trader Joe's label as well as everyday basics. We buy products we think are winners and that'll find a following among our customers. Sometimes it's a product we intend to stock as long as it sells well; and sometimes we buy a product which is in limited supply, sell through it, and you won't find it again. It's all part of the shopping adventure at Trader Joe's.

The bells are a kind of Trader Joe's Morse code. Those blustery PA systems just didn't feel right to us, so we came up with a simple system to communicate, à la our maritime (Trader’s on the culinary seas) association.

One bell lets our Crew know when to open another register. Two bells mean there are additional questions that need to be answered at the checkout. Three bells call over a manager-type person. And Three short bells–two long bells–three short bells… now we’re just playing.