Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae

Footed dessert glasses filled with Trader Joe's Fudge Sauce, Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Organic Vanilla Fudge Chip Ice Cream

Each round, light-brown, two-bite sized Trader Joe's Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie has plenty of Chips. The outside texture is pleasantly crunchy—and because only butter is used in the recipe (no palm oil or shortening), there’s a hint of that classic shortbread texture when you take a bite—not to mention, authentic butter flavor. And what better way to accentuate that buttery cookie goodness than pairing it with TJ's Organic Vanilla Fudge Chip Ice Cream and Fudge Sauce? Yeah, we couldn't think of one, either.

Serves: 1 Prep Time: 10 Minutes



Remove lid from fudge sauce and place jar in microwave. Heat on half-power for 1 minute; stir. Pour a layer of fudge sauce in the bottom of a glass dessert cup. Crumble a handful of cookies and layer atop the fudge sauce. Scoop ice cream atop crumbled cookies. Garnish with a few whole cookies and drizzle with more fudge sauce. Enjoy!

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